Areca Palm Leaf-Natural and Trendy

Bring the natural goodness of Areca palm leaf products into your lifestyle with a wide range of areca products. Biodegradable, natural, and hygienic, the Areca leaf plates are economically and commercially viable.

How it is made

As the first step, the fallen areca leaves are collected after which the sheath is cleaned and dried. It is then pressed in a hydraulic machine to turn it into the requisite shape of plates and other products. Even the waste sheath is powdered to make animal fodder thereby ensuring zero wastage.

Type of areca products available in market

As a viable substitute for plastic, areca products have gained a lot of importance all over the world. A wide range of areca leaf products are available in the market these days. Some of these include plates, bowls, spoons, tea cups, fruit bowls and so much more to cater to the needs of the users.

Advantages and why this should be used

100% Natural and Chemical Free Areca leaf products are 100% natural, safe and chemical-free. The production of these does not involve any kind of dyes or chemicals. For the same reason, Areca leaf plates are odorless and hygienic. It will also not alter the taste of your food.


Eco-friendly Areca Palm Leaf Plates are biodegradable and hence won’t end up in landfills and cause pollution like plastic products. One of the main reasons that make these Eco-Friendly Product Ideas popular is that it is easy to dispose. These will easily decompose in a few weeks’ time to enrich the soil.


Areca leaf products are lightweight yet durable. The shape of these products won’t get distorted by the weight or temperature of the food. Ideal for indoor parties and outdoor picnics, these products retain its sheen and shape at all times.

Microwavable and freezer safe

In tune with the changing trends, Areca Leaf Plates are microwave safe and safe to refrigerate, making it ideal for the modern lifestyle. When you refrigerate food in plastic containers, it gets spoiled after a few days due to the toxins in plastic. However, in Areca leaf containers, food will remain fresh for a longer time, which makes it a perfect option for food storage for busy people.

Different Styles

Eco-friendly Areca Palm Leaf Plates are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to meet the diverse needs of the users

Easily Transportable

Lightweight and shatterproof, Areca Leaf Plates are easily transportable during parties, road trips, and camping.

A perfect Replacement to Plastic

Areca Leaf Plates make the best replacement for plastic and play a key role in cutting down pollution. Areca Plate suppliers & exporters in India have a formidable role to play in popularizing these eco-friendly product ideas all over the world

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