Benefits of Bagasse Food Packaging

Bagasse is the newest and perhaps most promising Food package material in today’s world. Bagasse food packaging has become a favorite choice of both the consumers and marketers that wish to promote eco-friendly initiatives. These eco-friendly, thermal resistant and disposable containers are made from the sugar cane fiber that is left behind after extracting the juice. Bagasse is turned into pulp after mixing with water, which is then made into containers of various shapes.


Bagasse is a sustainable product that will leave no harmful impact on the environment. It can be easily replenished and will also help farmers turn the sugar cane fiber that is normally wasted into something useful.


While plastic containers can take hundreds of years to disintegrate, bagasse products will biodegrade within 90 days, which makes it a nature friendly package option for food distributors worldwide.

Easily Available

Sugar cane is grown in several countries in the world and hence bagasse material is easily available. It can be harvested in a single season and is easy to procure. From a tonne of crushed sugarcane stalks, approximately 30 tonnes of bagasse is obtained. In addition, sugarcane is a renewable resource as it can regrow in as little as 10 months.

Eco-friendly bagasse products

Eco-friendly bagasse products have evolved to be a popular choice for packing food products as they are thermal resistant, microwave and useful to reheat or freeze food. High durability is another important feature of these eco-friendly food packaging products. There has been a dramatic rise in the use of these ecofriendly bagasse products in the catering and hospitality industries.

Offers a variety of food packaging solutions

Bagasse food packaging products can be easily turned into containers of various shapes like bowls, cups, plates and trays among others. It is a perfect choice for storing frozen foods as these containers are freezer safe. At the same time the superior heat-resistant qualities will make these ecofriendly food storage containers ideal for cooked food as well.

Bagasse products let businesses to highlight their social commitment

Bagasse products are not just environmental benefits, but will help your business to make more revenue. Because reports show that consumers tend to patronise businesses that support ecofriendly strategies and initiatives. Thus you can enhance your brand image and draw more prospects towards it.

So, if you wish to enhance your packaging style of your food products while contributing to a greener planet, all you need to do is switch to bagasse containers now!

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