Non Woven Bags

A perfect alternative to plastic bags, the non-woven bags can be useful for your various shopping needs. They are handy, durable and eco-friendly. Why not contribute to the environment, by using such bags and play your part being a responsible citizen. Be it your grocery purchase, provision or buying other essentials, you can use it for all your shopping needs. The best part is that, these bags are durable to carry even heavier commodities, so you don’t have to worry about its durability. A smart choice to pick when it comes to shopping bags, these non-woven bags are the perfect bet for all.

  • Dehumidifying nature
  • Reliable & Lightweight
  • Highly efficient & Durable
  • Easy to Recycle & Liquid resistance
  • Available in different sizes, designs & colours
  • Can bear heavy load with ease (with respective bag size)

    Non-Woven Bag Types

    • 25 GSM for W cut
    • 50 GSM for D cut
    • 25 – 35 GSM cut
    • U cut and 45-60 GSM
    • D cut, Loop Handle,
    • Customized Printed Bag
    • Shipment Mode: By Sea / By Air
    • Packaging: As per Industry Standards
    • Third Party Inspection: On Request
    • OEM / Private label: Yes, Accepted.
    • Currency: USD $
    • Origin: INDIA


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