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BR Global Trade, headquartered in Cochin, Kerala, India, operates as an Export-Import company specializing in contract manufacturing and the export of various product categories. Our focus includes Frozen food (Ready To Eat, Ready To Cook, Ready To Fry), Seafood, Frozen Meat & Poultry, Dairy, and Eco-friendly products. With established connections to reputable clients worldwide, we serve markets in the USA, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, and Europe. Our team consists of experts well-versed in foreign trade, FMCG, and financial trade activities.

Br Global

We strive to bring in the most reliable products and services to our customers without compromising on quality.


Our commitment towards an unparallel service excellence helps us to bring in efficiency and quality assurance.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity and transparency across our service and operations.


We ensure to maintain the highest quality standards across our line of products and services.


We are responsible to provide the most advanced and eco-friendly methods of packaging for all our products.


We are Committed to timely delivery across borders backed on our well connected and advanced logistic systems.


Looking for premium seafood suppliers in India? Look no further! BR Global is known for being a top exporter and supplier of fresh & frozen seafood. We supply high-quality products globally that are sourced from the finest fisheries. We maintain the highest quality standards to ensure that we remain at...


Meat & Poultry

We are a multi-brand exporter offering a wide range of premium meat and poultry options. Our products include premium Indian buffalo meat, lamb meat, and chicken, all available in either chilled or frozen form to meet your requirements. Our frozen and chilled lamb is sourced from Australia and New Zealand,...


Frozen Foods

One of the most easy and best choices to make your cooking routine a hassle-free experience, there are a wide variety of frozen vegetarian foods available for you all. What more, some of these vegetarian frozen foods can go straight from freezer to the microwave, it is so easy and...


Eco Friendly Products

The use of eco-friendly products has become the need of the hour. Switching on to green-movement is the best choice over plastic and other harmful materials as this helps to eliminate the damage and chemical pollution been done each day to our environment. Leading an eco-friendly lifestyle can save our...



Discover a world of premium-quality Indian dairy products available for global delivery, celebrated for their rich and creamy flavors sourced from India's renowned dairy farms. As India stands as the world's largest milk producer, BR Global Trade plays a pivotal role in meeting global demand for dairy products. We offer...




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