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We advise you to read this privacy policy before you submit any of your personal details. The policy clearly mentions how the personal information captured at our site will be used and by continuing onthe website you are agreeing to the practices mentioned in the privacy policy. The practices mentioned in this privacy policy are subject to change and the same will be posted, we advise you to keep a check on the privacy policy every time you visit the site, and understand how each of the personal information you provide will be used.

Collection of Information

We collect information for providing you with your request, the information we generally collect includes, name, address, email address, phone numbers etc. We never use any of your information in any ways without your permission or consent, even to add you to our mailing list your consent is taken attention of.

Cookies & Tracking Technology

Our site uses cookie and tracking technology to customise the site for various visitors. Also, it helps to gather information about the browser and operating system. No personal details are collected via cookie or tracking technology.

Distribution of Information

In the interest of our visitors and to control frauds, we may have to share visitor information in case of law abiding us to do so in line to fraud prevention or investigation to protect against potential fraud or unauthorized transactions whichever may be the reason. We never share any visitor information to any third-party company for promotion or marketing purposes.

Commitment to Data Security

We always make sure that all the visitor personal identifiable information's are kept secure. All newsletter and emails give you the choice to opt out at any given point.

Site Uptime

We strive to make sure the website is operational throughout the year, though there will be downtime at times in case of any server or technical issues. We will not be liable for any delay or unavailability of the website during these times.

Links to External & Third-Party Websites

The external links to third party websites are basically provided for the user's convenience only. BR Global Trade doesn't endorse or accept any responsibility for the content, or any claim made by these external websites. BR Global Trade doesn't have control over the content on any such external site. Use your discretion regarding the quality, safety, suitability, or reliability of any external websites and its content when you access it. Any link from BR Global Trade website to an external website does not imply or mean that BR Global Trade endorses or accepts any responsibility for the content or the use of such sites.

It is important for users to take necessary precautions, especially to ensure appropriate safety from viruses,and other potentially destructive items. When visiting external websites, users should review those websites privacy policies and other terms of use to learn more about, what, why and how they collect and use any personally identifiable information. The users shall review the privacy policies and terms of use of any such third-party websites, to know and understand why and how they collect and use any personal identifiable user information.If you would like to link to this website, you may only do so on the basis that you don't replicate any of the pages of this website and you in any means don't imply that we are endorsing any of your services or products unless there has been a specific agreement on this

Copyright Notice & Trademarks

All the information and references on BR Global Trade website including trademark,content,images,logo and other intellectual property remains subject to copyright and any reproduction or re-transmission or use of such information without the consent and knowledge of BR Global Trade is strictly prohibited. Any product, brand name used in the website and product document are purely for identification purpose only.


The company strives to make sure the information on the website is accurate, though the company don't warrant on the accuracy and completeness of the contents on the website. The company may modify the content, products or prices mentioned on the website at any time without any prior notice. There may be material on the website which may be out of date and the company makes no commitment to update such material on the website.

Law & Jurisdiction

This Legal Notice shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Indian law. Any dispute(s) arising in connection with this Legal Notice are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Cochin, Kerala, India.

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