Frozen French Fries

BR Global is one of India’s top frozen french fries suppliers and exporters offering the best value at competitive prices. We source natural high-quality french fries made from the finest potatoes. These perfectly cut, ready-to-cook & eat fries can be deep-fried, air-fried, or baked, maintaining their taste and crispiness. These french fries are a versatile side dish that can be served with various herbs and sauces.
BR Global is one of the leading suppliers of frozen french fries in India that deals in high-quality french fries to meet the expectations of international buyers.

Why Choose Us:

  • Top Frozen Food Supplier: BR Global is a leading frozen food exporter known for its commitment to quality, food safety, and customer satisfaction Globally.
  • Premium Quality: We partner with facilities that adhere to strict international quality standards so that only the best product can reach the buyers. This has led us to become one of the leading exporters of frozen potato specialties from India.
  • Internationally Certified: All the facilities at BR Global follow international standards of prescribed quality and hygiene.
  • Competitive pricing and advanced packaging: At BR Global, we implement a competitive pricing strategy so that the best product can reach the buyers at the best prices with advanced packaging to maintain the freshness of the product and enhance its shelf life.
  • Hygiene and Food Safety Assurance: We work with facilities that follow stringent hygiene and food safety practices in adherence to international food safety standards, including regular cleaning and sanitization of their processing, freezing, and storage units.
  • Variety of Products: We offer a diverse range of frozen french fries products including waffle fries, Belgian fries, tater tots, standard cut, garlic fries, curly fries, shoestring/matchstick, crinkle cut, cheese fries, steak, chips(British), sweet potato fries, potato wedges, chili cheese fries, cottage fries, pommes soufflés, potato tornado and smiley etc.
  • Customer-centric approach: We consistently strive to satisfy our customers with the best products and services that are high in quality and taste.
  • Deliver Products Globally: We consistently deliver premium quality frozen french fries to many countries worldwide, making us the leading supplier of frozen french fries globally.
    • Cut Type: Waffle fries, Belgian fries,Tater tots,Standard cut,Garlic fries,Curly fries,Shoestring/matchstick,Crinkle-cut,Cheese fries,Steak,Chips (British),Sweet potato fries,Potato wedges,Chili cheese fries,Cottage fries, Pommes soufflés,Potato tornado,Smiley.
    • Packing option as per requirement: Retail / Catering Pack (1 Kg, 2 Kg)
    • Shelf Life: 18 months from the date of manufacture
    • Stored At: -18°c
    • Shipment Mode: By Sea
    • Packaging: As per product standard (Retail / Catering Pack)
    • Private Label: Yes, accepted
    • Third Party Inspection: On Request
    • Currency: USD $
    • Origin: India & Holland


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