Frozen Pangasius Fillet

Get ready to enhance your seafood offerings with the irresistible allure of frozen Pangasius fillet. Indulge your customers with the culinary marvels that await.
Our frozen Pangasius fillet, sourced from the pristine waters of Vietnam, is a true delight for seafood enthusiasts. With its delicate texture and buttery flavor, it promises an unforgettable dining experience. As leading seafood suppliers, we understand the importance of delivering excellence. That’s why our frozen Pangasius fillet products undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure unmatched freshness and flavor.
With a wide variety of seafood offerings available, including our premium frozen Pangasius fillet, we provide an extensive selection to cater to your culinary needs. With our efficient logistics and extensive global distribution network, you can trust us to deliver these culinary gems right to you.

    • Vietnam Frozen Pangasius Fillet EU Standard
    • 60% NW / 40% Glazing
    • Well trimmed fillet, red meat off, fat off, belly off
    • Packing: IQF 2.5 Kg x 4 Plain Bag with Raider
    • 3Pcs / Bag
    • The packaging and requirement can be customised as per requirement.
    • Shipment Mode: By Sea
    • Packaging: As per Industry Standards
    • Third Party Inspection: On Request at customer cost
    • OEM / Private label: Yes, Accepted.
    • Currency: USD $
    • Origin: Vietnam


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